Dr Athani S Veeranna


"Excellence is not a means, it is an end itself"

In today’s society every young man or a woman dreams of becoming an Information Technology Professional. With about 200 institutes offering BCA or similar programs, one often finds him in a state of confusion while deciding which institution to choose. People look at Information Technology colleges from multiple perspectives.

Whatever may be the individual’s goals and aspirations, the bottom line always is , good education. Good education in Institute would mean a system of education that effectively and pragmatically combines theory and practice in order to ensure both rigor as well as relevance, in all of what it accomplished inside the classrooms.

With the environment getting increasingly more turbulent every moment in BIHE, learning to learn and adapting to change have become critical elements for success. Experienced techies know that Education is not about earning another degree or a diploma. It is about broadening the scope of thinking to identify possible challenges and understanding of various issues surrounding any given situation. Students are not only made conscious of these but are also helped to build these abilities in them. Last but not least , a sense of entrepreneurship is also developed in the students of BIHE as it gives the courage to plunge in to the uncertain future of risks and opportunities.

The selection process is transparent, fair and ensures that outstanding young people from among the brightest are selected. The students are provided with a good grounding in the socio –economic-political realities of India and outside world to make them worthy and productive global citizens.