Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa

Hon. Secretary & MLA

"Ordinary things done in an extraordinary way make people Great"

As education has become the key to promote participation in today’s global knowledge economy , more and more people are seeking innovations using digital technologies that would facilitate a paradigm shift in education process and outcomes. To this end , educated people need to create a dynamic academic environment that will provide its learners the opportunities to explore the potentials of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and acquire the core competencies required in the 21st century.

We, at Bapuji Educational Association, believe that education is a serious thing for you and for us. On our part, we are committed to quality in every aspect of the process of imparting education . Our curriculum , teaching methods and infrastructure are benchmarked on per with the best Educational Institutes in India. Continuous improvements are being made to take the Association to be one of the best Association in the country. This is reflected in the quality of placements our students are getting.

We seek to develop you to be successful education leaders of tomorrow. But we need your commitment to learn , to imbibe and contribute to the process. We believe that achievement is high when each member of the association does everything he can without even being required to do so. We believe that your success and the achievements of the Institute synergize in an environment of mutual acceptance, support goodwill and working together.