Placement Cell of B I H E College is a unique institutional arrangement in the campus primarily motivated to empower the students keeping in mind the recent trend in the industries. Companies seek the Placement Cell for full time jobs. Companies do come to our premises for direct campus recruitment. The data-base of our final year students are usually stored at the center, plays a crucial role in getting jobs for our alumni.

The trend from the industry has been in looking for interdisciplinary attributes in students, thereby offering students across disciplines an opportunity to explore their skills and talent outside their core sectors. Students from Bapuji Hi-Tech Institution today pass out with distinction across the district and actively contribute to the Alumni activities.

Training is designed to prepare students to take on the challenges of the industry expectations. Special emphasis is placed on inculcating corporate values and skills required for the IT knowledge. The Entrepreneurial cell at Bapuji Hi-Tech Institution plays a vital role in encouraging and assisting students who have a passion to start their job in IT industry.


Placement Training

The T&P Dept plays a crucial role in providing job opportunities for Under Graduates passing out from the college by keeping in touch with world class industries. The T&P Dept operates round the year to facilitate contacts between companies and graduates. The number of students placed through the campus interviews is continuously rising. On invitation, many reputed industries visit our institute to conduct interview process.

The T&P Dept organizes career guidance programmes for all the students starting from first year. Tarranges training for students on employability skills. And also responsible for making students industry ready.

All the Placement associated activities are handled by the Training and Placement Department. (T&P Dept) of the institute. The T&P consists of Placement Officer, Faculty placement coordinators, Student Placement coordinators working round the clock to provide the best possible services to the visiting organizations.

Our students are trained technically with soft skills, aptitude, logical reasoning and behavioral skills that suit the needs of the specific industry they have interests. This enables them adapt to any need of an industry that require students with interdisciplinary knowledge and ability to be adapt to challenging work environments.


Placement Officer


  • To train our students with employability skills
  • To empower them with communicative abilities
  • To enrich them with leadership qualities
  • To enable them tackle the interviews with ease
  • To enable the candidate to get placed in the right job
  • To get the right employers for the right candidate
  • To enlist and enroll the students for each and every placement event in the region
  • To initiate awareness & importance of pre-placement training and preparation

Our eminent recruiters 

Placement Activities